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Elizabeth Bernhardt



Building 30, Room 110
Phone: 650 723 7013
Fax: 650 725 9377

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Elizabeth Bernhardt

Director, Stanford Language Center
Professor of German Studies
Dean of the South Row


1984 Ph.D., University of Minnesota
1978 M.A., University of Pittsburgh
1976 B.A., College of Wooster, Elected to Phi Beta Kappa


GERMAN 104 Resistance Writings in Nazi Germany

This course focuses on documents generated by nonmilitary resistance groups during the period of National Socialism. Letters, essays, diaries, and statements on ethics from the Bonhoeffer and Scholl families form the core of the readings. The resistance novel, Every Man Dies Alone, is also included. Texts will be read as historical documents, reflections of German thought, statements of conscience, attempts to maintain normal relationships with others in the face of great risk, as poetic works, and as guides for the development of an ethical life. Taught in English.

DLCL 301 The Learning and Teaching of Second Languages

"Formally known as DLCL 201" Learning perspective rather than traditional teaching methods. Focus is on instructional decision making within the context of student intellectual and linguistic development in university settings to different populations. Readings in second-language acquisition. Restricted to PhD students in the DLCL.

GERMAN 298 Writing Workshop

Open only to German majors and to students working on special projects, including written reports for internships. Honors students use this number for the honors essay. May be repeated for credit.