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Eva Soos Szoke



Bldg. 240, Room 207


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Innovative teaching approaches
Language acquisition through communication
Language learning through literary translation practices
Nurturing a strong understanding of Hungarian culture

Eva Soos Szoke

Lecturer in Hungarian

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All Hungarian language courses at Stanford University, and also at University of California, Berkeley.


Current projects
Building computer assisted lists of vocabulary and common expressions aiding Hungarian language learning

Hungarian language and literature
Teaching in cultural context
Computer assisted learning


1st Year Hungarian: SPECLANG 173A, 173B, and 173C
The first year Hungarian language course sequence focuses on building practical language survival skills in a strong cultural context.  Students explore some intriguing aspects of the Hungarian culture, including elements of contemporary and historical events, literature, pop-culture, and folklore. Prerequisites: None.

2nd Year Hungarian: SPECLANG 182A, 182B, and 182C
By the end of the school year, the second year languages students will be able to make small conversations in Hungarian with more ease, and they will considerably expand their vocabulary. Students will also improve their listening, reading, writing, and presentational skills in Hungarian. We will also continue the exploration of Hungarian culture on a more complex level. Prerequisites: 1st Year Hungarian or instructor’s consent, based on a personal assessment. Request the course at:

3rd Year Hungarian: SPECLANG 265A, 265B, and 265C

(Not given this year)

The third year course will explore some fascinating aspects of Hungarian culture including elements of literature, film, and folklore, and it will improve students’ language skills by working with original Hungarian sources. Prerequisites: Instructor’s consent based on in-person assessment. Request the course at: