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Evan Alterman


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Evan Alterman

Ph.D student in Slavic Languages and Literatures

At present (or at least since I last updated this page), I like thinking about empire, ethnography, and folklore (i.e. as an aesthetic and technique); exotification, hybridity, and alterity; interactions between the Slavic and Turkic worlds; the creation of national literatures and canons in the USSR (specifically, in Central Asia and the Caucasus); male homosociality in the Russian and Ottoman Empires (e.g. the court, Masonic lodges, Sufi lodges, etc.); and kitsch. 


2017 - ??!!: Ph.D (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Stanford University
2008: A.B. (Slavic Studies and French Language, Literature, and Culture), Brown University
Honors thesis submitted to Slavic department: “At the Intersection of Socialism, Nationalism and Identity: The Life and Work of Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev”

Other Information

2012-2013: Fulbright Research Grant, St. Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)
Research topic: Turkic influences and motifs as reflected in Russian folklore and letters
2008: Critical Language Scholarship, Turkish (Alanya, Turkey)