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Franck Bessonnat


Franck Bessonnat

Lecturer in the Department of French and Italian, AY21-22

Coming from the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris), Franck Bessonnat completed his B.A and Master's degree in French literature and Classics. He is also agrégé, an academic rank conferred by a French university on one who has passed a rigidly competitive examination and who is therefore entitled to appointment to the highest teaching post in a lycée or in one of the faculties of a university. He has been teaching French and Classics in high school and in higher education in France; he is now a lecturer at Stanford University.

As far as research is concerned, he is a member of the GIRPAM (International Research Group in Ancient and Medieval Poetry) and works more specifically on Juvencus, the author of the first biblical epic in Latin.

Below is a selection (in French) of his work and contributions to the dissemination of knowledge in his different fields of interest :

- “Juvencus, prêtre et poète. Le baptême de l’épopée latine”, dans Savoir, apprendre, éduquer, Ph. Guisard, Ch. Laizé et A. Contensou (dirs.), Ellipses, 2019.

- Speaker at a TEDx Talks whose theme was “Education and revolutions of tomorrow” (“Education et révolutions de demain”). He delivered a speech on the importance of Classics in education. (2020, January)

- “L’homme : œuvre de Dieu. Quelques remarques sur l’anthropologie lactancienne dans le De opificio Dei”, dans L'Homme et l'animal, Ph. Guisard, Ch. Laizé et A. Contensou (dirs.),Ellipses, 2021.

- Etude sur Le Fils naturel, pièce de Diderot au programme du concours d'entrée à l'ENS, dans Khâgnes 2022, Atlande, 2021.


FRENCH 120 Advanced French Oral Communication
FRENCH 30 Intermediate/Advanced French Conversation
FRENCH 394 Graduate Studies in French Conversation