Gerald Jia Ding

Ph.D. Student in Comparative Literature, admitted Autumn 2018
2016-2017: M.A., Comparative Literature, Edinburgh University
2013-2016: B.A., Germanistik, University of Leipzig
  • Born and raised in a small town in southern China;
  • Spent five years roaming in Europe; studied German literature, philosophy and art history;
  • Currently writing a dissertation on what he calls the "lyrical mode" in 20th-century literature and cinema

Courses Taught:

  • CompLit 199: Senior Seminar
  • CompLit 121: Poetry, Poems, Worlds
  • CompLit 240: Rainer Maria Rilke: Poetry and the Meaning of Life





Research Interests

  • Film History, Criticism & Theory


  • German Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • Literary and Cultural Theory


  • Modernism


  • Poetry and Poetics