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Haerin Shin



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Haerin Shin

Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature



Haerin Shin is a Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature at Stanford University, working on contemporary American, Japanese and Korean literature, culture, visual media and critical theory. Born and raised in South Korea, she received her B.A. in English Literature at Seoul National University. Shin is currently completing her dissertation entitled Dialectic of Spectrality: A Transpacific Study on Being in the Age of Cyberculture, 1945~2012


[Dissertation Abstract]


The advent of computers, the internet and networked mobile devices throughout the latter half of the 20th century has brought abstracted flows of data to the fore of social interaction and communication. With ghost-like images flickering on computer screens, disembodied voices in phone conversations flying all over the globe, and faceless chat windows occupying our daily lives, the touch and feel of physical interaction appears to have lost its necessity, burying us in fragmented sensory inputs and free-floating information. The greater body of critical and scientific scholarship produced so far has seen this proliferation of immaterial, digitally codified data as either an evolutionary triumph of technology or a deterioration into a cold, inhuman dystopia. My dissertation (titled The Dialectic of Spectrality: Reality and Being in the Age of Digital Telecommunication Media) subverting the two contending views’ premise that material agents could be divorced from the content of consciousness and knowledge, asserts that digitalization technology in fact reinstates, rather than denies, the significance of fragmented, transgressive and incomprehensible modes of being as crucial constituents of human existence.  


[Teaching Experience]



- Self-designed and taught course Complit 151 “Reality Check: Modes of Reality and Representation in the Age of Cyberculture.” Winter 2012.

- Guest lecturer on the “Persecution of the Rapper Tablo” at Korgen 201 “Korean Culture in the New Millenium.” Fall 2012.

- Course Development and Teaching Assistant. Complit 150 “Terror and Apocalypse: An Examination of Literature of Fear.” Spring 2011.

- Course Development and Teaching Assistant. Complit 12SC “Ghost Stories: Why the Dead Return and What They Want from Us.” Summer 2008 ~2012.

- Research and Coordination Assistant. English 88N “Graphic Novels Asian American Style.” Fall 2012.

- Guest Lecturer on Chris Ware’s Lost Buildings and Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth at English 87N “The Graphic NovelWord, Image, Sound, Silence.” 22 Feb. 2010.



- Instructor in Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) 1-38 and 1-05: Self-developed course “The Rhetoric of the Unreal: Science Fiction, Fantasies, and the Supernatural.” Winter, Spring 2009.



- Korean Instructor. Program for Advanced Language Maintenance (PALM) at Stanford University’s Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS). Fall 2011 ~Present.