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Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff


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Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff

Zentrum Visiting Lecturer

Dr. Irmela Marei Krüger-Fürhoff is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Literary and Cultural Research (Zentrum für Literatur und Kulturforschung, ZfL) Berlin. She is also a lecturer at Universität Bielefeld. She is interested in 18th-21th century literature and the interrelations between literary and medical knowledge.


She has published six books, including her most recent publication in 2012, Verpflanzungsgebiete. Wissenskulturen und Poetik der Transplantation (Munich: Fink) on the history of knowledge and the poetics of transplantation surgery in literature, film, medicine and public discourse. She is also the author of Der versehrte Körper. Revisionen des klassizistischen Schönheitsideals (Göttingen: Wallstein, 2001), a study on medical, aesthetic, and literary approaches to wounded bodies around 1800. She co-edited several books, among them Engineering Life. Narrationen vom Menschen in Biomedizin, Kultur und Literatur (with Claudia Breger and Tanja Nusser, Berlin: Kulturverlag Kadmos, 2008) and Askese. Geschlecht und Geschichte der Selbstdisziplinierung (with Tanja Nusser, Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2005). She is currently working on (scientific, artistic, and individual) narratives of dementia. 


Dr. Krüger-Fürhoff graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Comparative Literature, German Studies, and Business Administration before receiving her M.A. at the Freie Universitat Berlin and her PhD from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. She taught at Universities in Berlin, Hamburg, Greifswald, Cincinnati (Max Kade Visiting Professor) and Bielefeld and has been working as a post-doctoral researcher at ZfL Berlin since 2010.