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Jens Pohlmann


Jens Pohlmann

Gerda Henkel Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital History at the German Historical Institute, Washington DC

Ph.D. in German Studies at Stanford University 2017

Associated Researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin (HIIG) 2017-2018

CESTA Graduate Research Fellow, 2015-2016  (

Research and Teaching Interests:
20th and 21st Century German Literature and Culture, Theory of the Avantgardes, Digital Humanities, Media Studies, Theater and Performance Studies, Transatlantic Internet Policy
Current Research:
- Free Speech, Regulation, and Democracy in the Digital Age - An Analysis of Transatlantic Internet Policy Differences in Germany and the United States.
- The Creation of an Avant-Gardist Brand – Heiner Müller’s Self-Presentation in the German Public Sphere
- (With Branislav Jakovljević et. al.) “The Voice from the 10th Row: Carl Weber and the Berliner Ensemble.” TDR/The Drama Review 62, no. 3 (August 29, 2018): 55–108.
- (With Kirsten Gollatz and Martin Riedl) “Removals of Online Hate Speech in Numbers.” HIIG Science Blog (blog), Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin, Germany. Cross-posted at Media Policy Project Blog (blog), London School of Economics, London, UK (August 9, 2018).
- Conference Report: "Transatlantic Theory Transfer. Missed Encounters?," 27.03.2015 – 28.03.2015 New York, in: H-Soz-Kult, 02.07.2015,
- “Ein Rückzug aus dem ‘Reden über Politik’ in das ‘Schweigen der Kunst’? Aspekte der Gottfried-Benn-Rezeption Heiner Müllers.” Literatur ohne Land? Ed. Janine Ludwig and Mirjam Meuser. Freiburg: Fwpf, 2009. 93-109. Print.
- “Berhard Reich.” Brecht Lexikon. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2006. 211-212. Print.
- “Zigarren.” Brecht Lexikon. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2006. 270-271. Print.
- “Mapping the German Tech Blog Sphere and its Influence on Digital Policy” Presentation at the German Historical Institute, Washington DC 2018.
- “Hate Speech, Facebook und unsere Angst um die Demokratie – Zur Regulierung quasi-öffentlicher, digitaler Räume” Presentation at the German Economic Institute, Cologne 2018.
- How to Digitally Preserve, Exhibit, and Analyze Einstürzende Neubauten’s “Supporter Project”? GSA Seminar: Digital Humanities: Concept, Collaboration, and Process; 2017 Atlanta.
- “Einstürzende Neubauten’s Supporter Project - Or: The Invention of Crowdfunding?” Poster Presentation at the Herrenhausen Konferenz 2017 “Society Through the Lens of the Digital,” 2017 Herrenhausen.
- “Heiner Müller’s Presence in the German Public Sphere”. GSA Seminar: The Future of Digital Humanities. A GSA Seminar in History and German Studies; 2016 San Diego.
- “Heiner Müller’s Presence in the German Public Sphere – A Data Driven Analysis of his Publication Record.” Poster Presentation at the European Summer University in Digital Humanities “Culture & Technology,” July 27th, 2016 Leipzig.
- “Avant-garde nach der historischen Avant-garde? Zu Heiner Müllers Ringen mit der ‘Institution der Kunst.’” 7. Sommerakademie Schweizer Literatur: Avantgarden und Avantgardismus; June 28th, 2016 Centre Dürrenmatt, Neuchâtel.
- “’Es ist nach wie vor eine Oligarchie’ – Demokratiekritik bei Heiner Müller und Gottfried Benn.“ GSA Seminar: Making Democratic Subjectivities; October 3rd, 2015 Washington, D.C
- “Heiner Müller und seine Verlage,” Forschungsseminar am Deutschen Literaturarchiv Marbach; December, 10th, 2014 Marbach.
- “‘Autodrama’ and Ambivalence – On Resistance and Utopia in Heiner Müller’s Bildbeschreibung,“ GSA Seminar: Aesthetischer Eigensinn | Aesthetic Obstinacy; September 20th, 2014 Kansas City.
- “Performing Authorship – Literature between Public Sphere and Public Relations,” BiblioTech Conference: From Proust to Programming: Bridging the Gap Between the Humanities and the Tech World; May 10th, 2012 Stanford.
- “Staging Cold-Heartedness? Heiner Müller on Illness and Death,” Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Conference: The Poetics of Pain: Aesthetics, Ideology and Representation; February 25th–26th, 2010 CUNY.
Fellowships, Awards & Honors:
- Participant in a joint research proposal for Stanford’s Cyber Initiative on “The Deteriorating Health of the Digital Information Ecosystem and Its Deleterious Effects on Democracy & Human Rights” (Proposal accepted, 2017)
- HIIG Fellowship 2017 at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (2017)
- DAAD-Scholarship for participating in the European Summer University in Digital Humanities “Culture & Technology,” Leipzig, July 19-29, 2016
- Mellon Foundation Dissertation Fellowship (2015-16)
- Stipendium “Digital Humanities” from the Marbach Weimar Wolfenbüttel Research Association (2015)
- CESTA Graduate Research Fellow (2015-16):
- Collaborative Teaching Project (2014-15 & 2015-16)
- The Europe Center Graduate Student Grant (2015)
- Graduate Research Opportunity (GRO) Grant (2015)
- Suhrkamp Stipend for Research at the Deutsches Literatur Archiv, Marbach (2014 & 2012)


Ph.D. in German Studies, Stanford University
Magister Artium, Neuere Deutsche Literatur und Philosophie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



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