João G. L. Viana

João G. L. Viana

Ph.D. Student in Iberian & Latin American Cultures, admitted Autumn 2021
2019: M.A., Literary Theory and Criticism, State University of Campinas, Unicamp
2014: B.A., Portuguese Language and Literatures, State University of Campinas, Unicamp

I'm a Ph.D. student working mostly on Latin American and Luso-Brazilian Literature and post-anthropocentric theory.

I am also a Graduate Student Coordinator at Materia, a DLCL Research Unit on Latin Americanist and comparative post-anthropocentrisms.

At this point in the program, my more immediate focus is teaching while continuing to create a repertoire of readings in the fields relating to my interests.

More specifically, some of those interests include literature from the Latin American modernismos, Lusophone Africa, Brazilian music, South-South relations and literature (academic or otherwise) relating to psychoactive substances (including, but definitely not limited to coffee, sugar, tobacco, etc.) and their users.



Research Unit Groups

Research Interests

  • Luso-Brazilian Languages, Literatures & Cultures


  • Modernism


  • Philosophy and Literature


  • Postcolonial Studies