Kristin Böse

Gerda Henkel Visiting Professor of German Studies, Autumn AY 22-23

Kristin Böse is Professor of Medieval Art History at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt/Main. Her research interests focus on hagiography and devotion in late medieval art, medieval manuscripts and textiles, cross-artistic exchange in medieval Spain, and recently on sensuality in medieval art as well as the relation of arts and landscape in medieval Germany.

She is the author of Gemalte Heiligkeit. Bilderzählungen neuer Heiliger in der italienischen Kunst des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts (2008) which has been awarded the Hans-Janssen-Prize for early-modern Italian art history. Her second book Von den Rändern her gedacht. Visuelle Rahmungsstrategien in Handschriften der Iberischen Halbinsel (2019) centers on the esthetic of openings and closings within early medieval manuscripts. Kristin Böse recently works on the visibility of decorated undersides of high medieval goldsmith objects and is convening the VI. Forum Kunst des Mittelalters “Sinne/Senses” in Frankfurt (9/28-10/1/22).

At Stanford she holds a joint Gerda Henkel Visiting Professorship (together with Markus Späth) during Autumn Quarter 2022 with the teaching and research project “Route – Place – Object. Re-defining 'cultural landscape‘ in medieval Germany”, focusing on the central German region of Hesse from the thirteenth century until the Reformation.


Research Interests

  • German Languages, Literatures, and Cultures