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Laura Menéndez Gorina


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Tuesdays 12-1:30 and by appointment

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Ruins of Modernity Research Group

Laura Menéndez Gorina

Ph.D. Candidate in Iberian and Latin American Cultures (ABD).
Stanford University, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages.
Laura obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Translation Studies with an emphasis on Literature and Publishing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and at the University of California, Santa Cruz (academic exchange). 
Her interests revolve around the study of modern and contemporary Iberian Literatures and Cultures, with special attention to Catalan traditions, while drawing insight from both sides of the Atlantic and emphasizing connections between Iberian and Latin American and Caribbean literatures and cultures. 
Her dissertation, "From Houses to Ruins: Narratives of Homes in Modern Barcelona and Havana", compares narratives of houses and ruins in Catalan and Cuban literary and cultural productions that emerge as reactions to the processes of construction, destruction, and reconstruction that the cities of Barcelona and Havana have undergone from the end of the nineteen century onwards. In it, she examines modern and contemporary literary, cinematographic, photographic, and architectural works that share a focus on the experience of a space transformed under Catalan-Cuban relations and that reflect upon the dwelling experiences that the cities encourage and discourage. 
Current Fellowships and Awards: 
Recipient of Mellon Foundation Fellowship, Stanford Humanities Center (2021-2022)
Recipient of Digital Humanities Graduate Research Fellowship, CESTA, Stanford University (2020-2021) 
Recipient of Centennial Teaching Award, Stanford University (2020-2021)
Current Research Groups and University Service: 
Co-coordinator of Research Unit "Ruins of Modernity", Stanford University (2021-2022). With Prof. Resina
President of Stanford Catalan Association, Stanford University (2019-present). 
Courses taught at Stanford:
Teaching this year 2021-2022 - ILAC 193: All About Almodóvar, Iberian Cinema (PI). To be co-taught with Prof. Resina
Winter 2021 - ILAC 136: Modern Iberian Literatures (TA). With Prof. Surwillo
Fall 2019 - ILAC 130: Introduction to Iberia: Cultural Perspectives. Primary Instructor (PI). Co-taught with Prof. Resina
Fall 2018 - SPANLANG 11C: Second-Year Spanish: Cultural Emphasis. Primary Instructor (PI)
Spring 2018 - SPANLANG 3: First-Year Spanish, Third Quarter. Primary Instructor (PI)
Winter 2018 - SPANLANG 2: First-Year Spanish, Second Quarter. Primary Instructor (PI)
Fall 2017 - SPANLANG 1: First-Year Spanish, First Quarter. Primary Instructor (PI)


B.A. Translation Studies (Literature and Publishing Specialization). Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Literature, University of California, Santa Cruz (Programa Propi UAB). 


ILAC 193 All about Almodóvar