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Laura Menendez Gorina


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Laura Menendez Gorina

Laura obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Translation Studies and Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she worked as a Research Assistant for Prof. Aladro.
Her interests revolve around the study of modern and contemporary Iberian Literatures and Cultures, with special attention to the Spanish and Catalan traditions, while drawing insight from both sides of the Atlantic and emphasizing the connections between the Iberian and Latin American literature throughout the globe and specifically in the United States.
She is currently working on Modernismo and the concept of "modernity" as defined by the Hispanic writers themselves in opposition to the Anglo-Saxon concept of modernity. Part of her investigation is focusing on the interaction of exiled Spanish and Latin American writers in the city of New York—epitome of modernity at the time—during the first half of the twentieth-Century and the crisscrossed experiences and theorizations of modernity expressed through their work and correspondence. Her recent investigations also involve the study of transatlantic literary connections in Cuba and the Caribbean. 
More generally, her research focuses on the study of identity, immigration, and cultural exchanges in literature and art, the role of literature in constructing national and personal narratives and the ways cultural and linguistic belonging shape the definition of the self. In contexts of migration, her research interests include topics as the nostalgia for the homeland, the enthralling challenge of “the new,” or the identity crisis and the efforts to construct a new individual and collective sense.