Kathryn Starkey
Professor of German Studies
Professor, by courtesy, of Comparative Literature
Professor, by courtesy, of English
Professor, by courtesy, of History
Chair, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages

Executive Committee 2022-23

The committee is composed of the Chair of the Division, the Directors of Comparative Literature, French and Italian, German Studies, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, and Slavic Literature and Languages, the Director of the Language Center, and the Directors of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Studies.

Kathryn Starkey, Division Chair
Elizabeth Bernhardt-Kamil, German Studies; Language Center
Russell Berman, Comparative Literature
Héctor Hoyos, Iberian and Latin American Cultures; Director of Graduate Affairs Committee
Nicole HughesJunior Faculty Representative (Spring)
Yuliya Ilchuk, Junior Faculty Representative (Autumn, Winter)
Alexander Key, Director of Undergraduate Affairs Committee
Monika Greenleaf, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Marisa Galvez, French and Italian
Maria "Charo" Robinson, Director of Finance and Operations

Undergraduate Affairs Committee 2022-23

This committee oversees majors and minors, undergraduate curricula, advising, and degree programs; monitors enrollment patterns across departments; and develops new curricular initiatives.

Alexander Key, Comparative Literature, Director of Undergraduate Affairs Committee
Chloe Edmonson, French and Italian, French (Autumn)
Vittoria Mollo, French and Italian, Italian (Autumn)
Sarah Prodan, French and Italian, Italian (Winter, Spring)
Fatoumata Seck, French and Italian, French (Winter, Spring)

Alys George, German Studies
Ximena Briceño, Iberian and Latin American Culture (Autumn)
Nicole Hughes, Iberian and Latin American Culture (Winter, Spring)

Yuliya Ilchuk, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth Bernhardt-Kamil, Language Center
Judy Nugent, Undergraduate Student Services Officer

Graduate Affairs Committee 2022-23

The functions of this committee include overseeing graduate curricula, advising, and degree programs; monitoring enrollment and placement patterns; developing new curricula; and determining admissions and fellowship procedures.

Héctor Hoyos, Iberian and Latin American Cultures; Director of Graduate Affairs Committee
David Palumbo-Liu, Comparative Literature
Marisa Galvez, French and Italian, French
Robert Harrison, French and Italian, Italian
Russell Berman, German Studies
Gabriella Safran, Slavic Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth Bernhardt-Kamil, Language Center
John Giammalva, Student Services Manager