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Lorenzo Giachetti


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Lorenzo Giachetti



"Reflections on Charlie," Student and Faculty Colloquium, Notre Dame de Namur University (April 2015)

"Albert Camus,” Student and Faculty Colloquium. Notre Dame de Namur University (March 2014)


"Strangeness and The Stranger." Lynbrook High School, San Jose (September 2014)

"Albert Camus's Legacy." Alliance Française Silicon Valley and Santa Clara University (February 2014)


"Teaching (and Critiquing) French Culture and Language through Intouchables." PAMLA, Portland State University (November 2015)

"“O Mother, forgive your son.” Writing, Autobiography and the Myth of Lost Innocence in Albert Camus's The First Man." PAMLA, San Diego (November 2013)

"A Psychogeography of the Monstrous in Le Premier Homme." International Albert Camus Colloquium: "Topography and Toponymy," Boise State University (April 2013)

"Camus's Monster Caligula." PAMLA, Seattle University (October 2012)

"Errantry and Self-Discovery in André Breton's Nadja." PAMLA, Chaminade University (November 2010)

"Shock and Revelation in André Breton's Nadja." Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference, Stanford University (May 2010)

"Deciphering the Bildung in Michel Tournier's La goutte d'or." PAMLA, San Francisco State University (November 2009)

"Un monstre naissant: Britannicus between conception and articulation." Northern California Renaissance Conference, San Jose State University (May 2009)

"Le langage des fleurs et des choses muettes: Formal détournement in Baudelaire's Voyage Poems." PAMLA, Pomona College (November 2008)

Panels moderated
"Urban Myths." PAMLA, Scripps College (November 2011)
"The Abject and the Sublime." Northern California Renaissance Conference, San Jose State University (May 2009)
"Children's literature." PAMLA, Western Washington University (November 2007) 

Teaching Experience:

(Times taught in parentheses)


As instructor

FRENLANG 1, First-Year French, 1st quarter     

FRENLANG 2, First-Year French, 2nd quarter 

FRENLANG 3, First-Year French, 3rd quarter (2)

FRENLANG 5C, Intensive First-Year French, 3rd quarter

FRENLANG 22, Second-Year French, 1st quarter

FRENLANG 21C, Second-Year French, 3rd quarter 

FRENLANG 250S, Reading French 

FRENLANG 60E, French Cooking (2)

ITALLANG 1A, Accelerated First-Year Italian, Part 1 

ITALLANG 2A, Accelerated First-Year Italian, Part 2

ITALLANG 5C, Intensive First-Year Italian, 3rd quarter      

As teaching assistant           

FRENGEN 192E, Images of Women in French Cinema (3)                           

FRENLIT 131, Absolutism, Enlightenment and Revolution in 17th and 18th century France (2)    

FRENGEN 55N, After Epic: Romance, Lyric, and Novelistic Responses in Western European Literature                 

FRENLIT 130, Survey of French Literature: Medieval and Renaissance (2)     


CUL2100, Introduction to French Literature in Film (2)

FRE1001, Basic Practical French I (3)    

FRE1008, Basic Practical French II (3)

FRE1016, Intermediate Conversation 

ITA1001, Introduction to Italian I (3)

ITA1008, Introduction to Italian II (3)     


French 1

French 2

Italian 1     

Italian 2



Creative Writing


"A Psychogeography of the Monstrous in Le Premier Homme" in A Writer's Topography: Space and Place in the Life and Works of Albert Camus, eds. Jason Herbeck and Vincent Grégoire (Leiden: Brill/Rodopi, 2015): 117-134.

The Sun’s Posterity (in progress)


Société des études camusiennes

ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)

PAMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association)

MLA (Modern Language Association)

Alliance Française Silicon Valley 

Elected Positions:

PAMLA, graduate student representative (2009-10)

Research Assistantships:

Teagle Foundation research group, assistant to Professor Marisa Galvez (2010-11 academic year)

Assistant to Professor Laura Wittman (2008-09 academic year)

DLCL Research Unit:

Language, Literature and Mysticism (Summer, Autumn 2010)

Troubadours Art Ensemble, in conjunction with Performing Trobar (Autumn 2009, Winter 2010)

Other Activities:

Humanities Education focal group

Maison française, Graduate Theme Affiliate (2010-11 academic year)


B.A. Reed College (2005)
Ph.D. Stanford University (2015)