Luo Jia

Luo Jia

Ph.D. Student in Comparative Literature, admitted Autumn 2022

Luo is currently interested in passion, pain, disease, and disability in 20th-century novels and visual media. She tries to work with German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and (hopefully) Farsi. 



Office Hours

By appointment

Research Interests

  • Anthropology


  • Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • Comics and Graphic Narratives


  • Comparative Studies


  • Cultural History & Studies


  • Digital Humanities


  • Film History, Criticism & Theory


  • German Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • Literary and Cultural Theory


  • Literary Criticism (history of criticism, theory of literature)


  • Sociological Approaches to Literature


  • Translation and Translation Studies


  • Visual Arts and Visual Culture