Luo Jia
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Luo Jia

Ph.D. Student in Comparative Literature, admitted Autumn 2022
M.A. in Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Exchange Semester in German Studies, Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
B.A. in German Studies, Shanghai International Studies University

Luo is currently interested in passion, pain, disease, and disability in 20th-century novels and visual media. She tries to work with German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and (hopefully) Farsi. 



Office Hours

By appointment

Research Interests

  • Anthropology


  • Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • Comics and Graphic Narratives


  • Comparative Studies


  • Cultural History & Studies


  • Digital Humanities


  • Film History, Criticism & Theory


  • German Languages, Literatures, and Cultures


  • Literary and Cultural Theory


  • Literary Criticism (history of criticism, theory of literature)


  • Sociological Approaches to Literature


  • Translation and Translation Studies


  • Visual Arts and Visual Culture