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Mae Lyons-Penner


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Mae Lyons-Penner

My research is focused on high and late medieval writing in the European West, particularly texts which claim normative status, such as treatises on law, politics and social conduct. In my doctoral thesis, I examine textual constructions of secular(ising) ethical systems and the theories of human nature and culture underpinning them. Other interests include translation, text editing and the use of digital technologies for research and teaching. I am the project manager of the Global Medieval Sourcebook.
My previous degrees are in languages and history. My bachelor's thesis sought to synthesise the arguments for religious toleration in the work of seventeenth-century French philosopher Pierre Bayle; my master's thesis examined the disintegrating relationship between character and identity in the Tristan narratives of Thomas of Britain and Heinrich von Freiberg. Before coming to Stanford in 2015, I worked in secondary education in England and Austria.


2014: M.A. with Distinction, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University College London
2012: B.A. (Hons) First Class, Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford