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Margalida Pons Jaume


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Margalida Pons Jaume

Ginebre Serra Visiting Chair in Catalan Sudies, 2011-12 Spring

Margalida Pons is an associate professor at the University of the Balearic Islands, where she has been teaching a wide range of courses on Catalan Literature, Literary Theory, and Comparative Literature since 1996. She has written a number of studies on 20th century poetry and experimental literature. Her publications include, among others, Blai Bonet: maneres del color (1993), Els poetes insulars de postguerra (1998), Corrents de la poesia insular del segle XX (2010), and, as an editor or co-editor, (Des)aïllats: narrativa contemporània i insularitat a les Illes Balears (2004), Textualisme i subversió: formes i condicions de la narrativa experimental catalana (1970-1985) (2007),  Poètiques de ruptura (2008), Literatura i cultura. Aproximacions comparatistes (2009) and Transformacions: literature i canvi sociocultural dels anys setanta ençà (2010). She has been visiting professor at Brown University. She leads the research group LiCETC (, which focuses on literary experimentation and interdiciplinarity.