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Martin Treml


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Martin Treml

Visiting Lecturer in the Department of German Studies, Fall 2014-15

Martin Treml, Dr. phil., studied History of Religion, Jewish Studies, Philosophy and Art History at the University of Vienna and the Free University of Berlin (1988 M.A., 1996 PhD). Since 2000 he has been working at the Center for Literary and Cultural Research, Berlin, since 2008 as head of the department Archive/First Kulturwissenschaft.

His main fields of research are history and methodology of First Kulturwissenschaft, theories and figures of Western religions, German-Jewish cultural history since 1750, and reception of antiquity.

From 1999 to 2000, he was Research Fellow at the Franz Rosenzweig Center for German-Jewish Literature und Cultural History, Hebrew University Jerusalem. In 2006, he awarded the Senior Saxl Fellowship at the Warburg Institute, London, in summer 2012 he was Short Time Fellow of the International College for Research into the Technology of Culture and the Philosophy of Media (IKKM), Weimar. During the winter semester 2012/2013 he was Supply Professor for the History and Theory of Culture at the Humboldt University Berlin. 

He is the editor of Aby Warburg Werke (with S. Weigel and P. Ladwig, Berlin: Suhrkamp 2010).

Recent publications: Warburgs Denkraum. Formen, Motive, Materialien (with S. Flach and P. Schneider, Munich: Fink, 2014), Die Ordnung pluraler Kulturen. Figurationen europäischer Kulturgeschichte, vom Osten her gesehen (with Z. Andronikashwili e.a., Berlin: Kadmos 2014), Hans Blumenberg – Jacob Taubes. Korrespondenzen 1961–1981 (with H. Kopp-Oberstebrink, Berlin: Suhrkamp 2013), Jacob Taubes – Carl Schmitt: Korrespondenz und Materialien (with H. Kopp-Oberstebrink, Th. Palzhoff, Munich: Fink 2012), Grenzgänger der Religionskulturen. Kulturwissenschaftliche Beiträge zu Gegenwart und Geschichte der Märtyrer (with S. Horsch, Munich: Fink 2011).

Profile at the Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung Berlin