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Melih Levi


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British and American Modernism
British and European 19th-century studies and Modernism
19th and 20th Century German Literature
Ottoman and Turkish literatures
Translation Theory
Contemporary Literature and the Arts

Melih Levi

I study English modernism and its immediate aftermath to think about the philosophical stakes of symbolism, imagism, and mid-centutry formalisms. For my dissertation, I'm studying 20th-century revitalizations of the Renaissance plain style, and how the desire for plainness occasions satisfying departures from modernist aesthetics. My understanding and discussion of poetry are continuously informed by German Idealist philosophy and Wittgenstein.
I also work Turkish and German poetry. I have written on Gottfried Benn and German expressionism and am currently exploring semiotic intersections between expressionism and psychoanalysis.
You can read some of my poetry reviews at the links below.

My translation of one of the first Turkish novels into English was published by Syracuse University Press in 2016. (Ahmet Mithat Efendi, Felatun Bey and Rakim Efendi, co-translated with Monica M. Ringer.)


2020: Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Stanford University
2015: B.A., English Language and Literature, Amherst College