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Natalie Deam


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Natalie Deam

Natalie Deam is a 5th year PhD candidate in the French department specializing in nineteenth and early twentieth-century French cultural history. Her dissertation, The Fantastic Natural and the Evolutionary Imagination in Nineteenth-Century France examines the ways that conflicting evolutionary theories provoked a subversive, fantastic imaginary of nature that appears across diverse literary genres in France and questions modern understandings of race, gender, and sexuality. She will be completing her dissertation next year with the generous support of the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship. She also has two forthcoming chapters in edited collections with Routledge and with Palgrave, one on the shift from the Romantic to the Evolutionary Ocean and nineteenth-century France’s fascination with marine biology, and the second on the Marine Gothic in Victor Hugo’s representation of the octopus in Toilers of the Sea. Her interests range from ecocriticism and the environmental humanitites to digital humanities and game studies, gender and sexuality studies, animal studies, media studies, and the history of science.


Natalie currently runs the DLCL Film Series, which presents 10 international films around a chosen theme each quarter. The 2017-2018 themes are Nature, Queer Cinema, and Rebel with a Cause: Resistance in International Film. She also directs the Critical Gaming Workshop, an interdisciplinary working group to connect video game studies with contemporary discussions of critical theory. There, she has presented on digital ecology, queer gaming, animal studies, and legacies of Romantic and Gothic literature and visual culture in video games. She also has helped to organize the Digital Aesthetics Workshop at the Stanford Humanities Center.




University of Iowa 2008-2013
BA in French with Honors
BA in Comparative Literature
BA in English with Honors