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Nick Mayhew


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Nick Mayhew

Postdoctoral Mellon Fellow in the Humanities and Lecturer in Slavic Languages and Literatures

Nick's work explores gender, sexuality and queerness in Russia and Ukraine from a cultural studies perspective. He is particularly interested in exploring queer approaches to cultural traditions usually deemed conservative and heteronormative. Currently Nick is preparing his first monograph for publication, entitled "Queer Orthodox Culture in Early Modern Russia". 
"Banning Spiritual Brotherhoods and Establishing Marital Chastity in Sixteenth- and Seveteenth-Century Muscovy and Ruthenia", Palaeoslavica 25:2 (September 2017): 80-108. (Winner of the 2018 Early Slavic Studies Association prize for best article.)
"Eunuchs and Ascetic Masculinity in Kievan Rus", The Medieval History Journal 21 (April 2018): 100-116.
"Queering Sodomy: A Challenge to Traditional Sexual Relations in Russia", Queer-Feminist Solidarity and the East/West Divide, ed. Katharina Wiedlack, Saltanat Shoshanova and Masha Godovannaya (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2020): 77-96.
"Reading the Body: Hesychasm in the Life of St. Stephen, Bishop of Perm", Rossica Antiqua 2017:2 (March 2018): 63-78.


PhD, Slavonic Studies, University of Cambridge (2014-2018)
MPhil, Russian Studies, University of Cambridge (2012-2013)
BA (Hons), Russian and German, University of Cambridge (2008-2012)