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Nir Evron


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Nir Evron

Tel Aviv University


The Novel and the Transience of Cultural Worlds

Advisors: Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Amir Eshel, Russell Berman



"Realism, Irony and Morality in Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence." The Journal of Modern Literature, 35.2 (Winter 2012) (forthcoming).

“’The Blossom which We Are’: The Figuration of Culture in Edith Wharton and Joseph Roth,” (under review).


Selected Teaching Experience:

“Israeli Politics and Poetics” (Fall 2008-9) Authors include: Oz, Yehoshua, Grossman, Keret, Kashua and others.

“Philosophy and Literature” (Winter 2007-8). Novelists and thinkers include, Plato, Shakespeare Schopenhauer, Proust, Nietzsche, Woolf, Nehamas, Hemingway, Booth, Borges and others.

“Scenarios of Dissolution in the Modern Novel” (Spring 2007-8). Novelists include Musil, Joseph Roth, Cotzee and others.

“The Novel” (Fall 2007). An undergraduate course tracing the development of the novel form, from Defoe to Woolf, and focusing on the interplay of thematic concerns and formal devices.

“Literature and History in the Israeli Novel” (Spring 2007): An undergraduate course focusing on the treatment of history and politics in a number of the central Israeli novels. Authors include Agnon, Yizhar, Kenaz, Grossman, Matalon, Anton Shamas and others.