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Patrizio Rigobon


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Patrizio Rigobon

2012-13 Autumn - Ginebre Serra Visiting Chair in Catalan Studies

Patrizio Rigobon was born in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso, Italy) in 1959. He graduated with a degree in "Spanish Language and Literature" in 1984 from the University of Venice and got his PhD in "Iberian Studies" from Bologna University in 1991. From then on he taught "Spanish Literature" at Bologna University where he also started a course of "Catalan Language and Literature" in 1996. In 1999 he was at the University of Trieste as a professor of "Spanish Contemporary History" and in 2001 he took over the courses of "Catalan Language and Literature" at the University of Venice. In 2004 he also taught a course of "Romance Philology" at the same University. 

He has mainly dedicated himself to the study of contemporary Catalan and Spanish Literatures with a specific interest in translation. He has translated into Italian several Catalan and Spanish contemporary writers such as Perucho, Espriu, Roig, Sánchez Piñol, Puntí, Baulenas, De Palol, Albert, Punset, De Pedrolo, Baixauli and Mihura. 

Professor Rigobon is a member of the editorial board of two scholarly reviews on Iberian topics published in Italy: "Spagna Contemporanea" (Turin) and "Rassegna Iberistica" (Venice and Rome) and has also contributed to the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies. He is now editor of the Rivista Italiana di Studi Catalani which he founded in 2010 along with the other members of the board of the Associazione Italiana di Studi Catalani (AISC), an Italian society devoted to the study of the Catalan culture. In 2009 he was awarded the Pompeu Fabra Prize of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the advancement and spreading of the Catalan language abroad. In 2011 he was awarded the “Josep M. Batista i Roca Prize” for promoting Catalan culture in Italy. While he was in charge of the chair of the AISC, the society was awarded the Ramon Llull International Prize (2011) for its distinguished engagement for catalan culture. He is the author of nearly 100 publications (papers, articles, essays etc.).