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Pau Guinart


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Pau Guinart

I was born in l'Escala, a little fisherman's village an hour from of Barcelona, close to the French border. When I was 23 I traveled my country with a donkey and wrote a book about it. Since then I've tried to spend my life traveling and writing, but in between I studied Philosophy, History, Greek Tragedy and Cinema. I published three books about my travel experiences and one on the relation between archaeology and nationalism. I've lived in England, New York and LA and worked for the New York Film Academy and the Sundance Institute. My dissertation project is on Salvador Dalí's written work, particularly during his period in the US. I'm interested in the enigmatic connection between his autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí (1942) and his novel Hidden Faces (1944) as a key to understanding his whole persona.



2013: B.A., History, Universitat de Girona
2011: M.F.A., Filmmaking, New York Film Academy
2009: M.A., Classics, University of Exeter

2006: B.A., Philosophy, Universitat de Girona