Paulina Choh

Paulina Choh

Ph.D. Student in German Studies, admitted Autumn 2020
Ph.D. Minor, Art History
2018: M.A., German Studies, Middlebury Language Schools

Paulina Choh (she/her/hers) is interested in working at the intersection of art, literature, and theory. She has a minor in art history, works with photographers, and practices photography herself. Her research is engaged with questions regarding visibility and immateriality, centered around the modern period but drawing inspiration from the pre-modern as well.

She has previously studied at Middlebury College, the University of Mainz, and Lincoln College at Oxford. 



Office Hours

By appointment

Research Interests

  • Film History, Criticism & Theory


  • Literary and Cultural Theory


  • Poetry and Poetics


  • Visual Arts and Visual Culture