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Radhika Koul


Radhika Koul

Radhika Koul is currently working on a dissertation entitled “The Drama of our World: Spectator and Subject in Early Modern Europe & Medieval Kashmir.” She works on the aesthetic thought of tenth-century Kashmir in the context of the philosophical school of Kashmiri Shaivism alongside the drama and intellectual history of early modern Europe, in particular France and Britain. Radhika graduated from Yale and taught as a Teach for India fellow for two years before coming to Stanford for graduate work in Comparative Literature. She has presented on the parallels between the evolution of aesthetic thought in French neoclassicism and medieval Kashmir, Hume’s aesthetics as a forerunner of modern-day cognitive science, and the meta-narrative in medieval folk tales. She is especially interested in the comparative as a mode of thinking that inherently subsumes the interdisciplinary and bridges the divide between the humanities and society. She is a Stanford Humanities Center Career Launch Fellow for the academic year 2022-23. 


Stanford University, PhD Candidate, Department of Comparative Literature
Yale College, B.A., Literature, 2014