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Rebecca Onea Sabin Hecht


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Rebecca Onea Sabin Hecht

Undergraduate Major in French

Nearly every day during my study abroad experience in Paris, I marveled at my incredible fortune. For six months, I lived with a host family near the Jardin du Luxembourg, attended French literature and history classes, and became a regular customer (la fille aux trois macarons) at an amazing boulangerie. I practiced African dance and tutored at-risk youth. I played tour guide when family and friends visited and became part of my host family on rue de Grenelle. I studied cathedrals, explored le Marais, and wandered along the Seine at all hours and in all weather.

The richness of my time in Paris was mirrored by my years in the French department at Stanford, where I studied theatre, literature, and cultural history with wonderful classmates and brilliant professors, who also happen to be generous distributors of wine, cheese, and wonderful support. I feel unbelievably lucky to have spent four years as a student in the French department and to have had the opportunity to integrate those studies with my other major in history.

Next year, I will begin a Master’s program in the Center for East Asian Studies here at Stanford, where I will be using French language sources during my research (and scheming to return to Paris!). Thank you so much to the professors, advisors, and friends I have met along the way—I am so grateful to have you in my life.