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Romina Wainberg


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20th and 21st Century Latin American Literature
Ontology of Literature
Philosophy of Technology
History of Extractivism
Inter-Cosmological Metaphysics
LGBTQ+ Studies

Romina Wainberg

[Bear with me while I zero in on my dissertaton prospectus... ]
I'm interested in Latin American aesthetics' potential for challenging and/or expanding the onto-epistemological breadth of other fields of knowledge; some of the intersections that I've explored so far include: media theory, philosophy of technology, and science fiction; motion graphics and aesthetic computing; plastic art and philosophy of art; post-modern novels and theories of individuation; Amerindian thought, contemporary metaphysics, and short fiction; feminist philosophy and perspectival anthropology; poetry, gender identity laws, and LGBTQ+ approaches to the gender/sex dyad. I've also worked on the relationship between extractivism and aesthetics in Portugal and Brazil—in particular, I've looked at the tension between gemstones' crystal structure, their historical aestheticization, and the forced and exploitative labor inherent in their geological extraction.
I am the Graduate Student Coordinator of the DLCL Focal Unit materia, the DLCL Research Group The Gothic, and the DIF Project Queer Latin American Voices.

In 2020-2021, I'll be teaching:

- ILAC 161: Modern Latin American Literature with Prof. Héctor Hoyos (Fall)
- ILAC 139: Jaguars and Labyrinths: A Survey of South American Short Fiction with Prof. Vincent Barletta and Nelson Shuchmacher Endebo (Winter)
- ILAC 1XX: Resisting Coloniality: Then and Now with Leonardo Velloso-Lyons (Summer) 

Recent publications:

Book chapters
“Motion graphics: límites y potencias estético-políticas en corporalidades digitales anómalas." Política y estética de los cuerpos. Distribución de lo sensible en la literatura y las artes visuales. Edited by Alicia Montes and Cristina Ares. Buenos Aires, Los Angeles: Argus-a, 2019.
“De la invisibilidad a la desindividuación. La desintegración corporal como posibilidad probable." Cuerpos presentes: Figuraciones de la muerte, la enfermedad, la anomalía y el sacrificio. Edited by Alicia Montes and Cristina Ares. Buenos Aires, Los Angeles: Argus-a, 2017.
Peer-reviewed publications
“¿Puede la literatura hacer metafísica? Metafísica no-proposicional y aperturas inter-cosmológicas en ‘Meu tio o Iauaretê’ de João Guimarães Rosa.” Revista Iberoamericana. Forthcoming, 2021. 
“Women’s Exchange in Amerindian and Western Societies: A Feminist Critique of Perspectival Anthropology." Feminist Theory. Forthcoming, 2021.
“Rastros, andares y cruces: la plurisemanticidad de la figura del zapato al filo de la frontera Estados Unidos-México." Revista Guaraguao, Volume 62, 2020.
“Huellas (des)calzadas: Rastros y desplazamientos de la teoría estética heideggeriana en Atrabiliarios de Doris Salcedo.” 452ºF. Revista de Teoría de la literatura y Literatura Comparada, Volume 19, 2018.


Now Studying...

2017-: Ph.D., Iberian and Latin American Cutlures, Stanford University

2016-: Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America


M.Phil., Hispanic Studies, University of Glasgow 

B.A., Modern Literature and Literary Theory, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Spec., Narrative Writing, Casa de Letras