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Sérgio Campos Gonçalves



Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Stanford, CA 94305

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Brazilian LIterature and Culture
literary theory
history and memory
cultural history
History of Ideas
Theory Of History

Sérgio Campos Gonçalves

Visiting Researcher in Iberian and Latin American Cultures

Sérgio Campos Gonçalves is a former Substitute Professor and a PhD Candidate at São Paulo State University, Brazil.  His research on topics of theory of history, historiography and Brazilian history has been published in national and international journals and in book chapters. He is also the author of Collorgate: Mídia, Jornalismo e Sociedade nos Casos Watergate e Collor (2008) and a member of the Editorial Committee of História e Cultura (ISSN: 2238-6270). While at Stanford University, his stay is sponsored by the CAPES Program, a Brazilian government agency.