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Serena Ferrando


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Serena Ferrando

Ph.D. Candidate in Italian

Serena Ferrando is a Ph.D. candidate in Italian at Stanford University, specializing in contemporary Italian poetry. She received an MA in American Studies and an MA in Comparative Literature from the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her BA in Foreign Languages at the Università degli Studi di Genova, Italy. Her dissertation is a study of the city of Milan, water, and love in the poetry of Alda Merini, Daria Menicanti and Milo De Angelis.

Committee Members: 
Jeffrey Schnapp, Laura Wittman, Carolyn Springer, Serenella Iovino.
Conferences and Publications: 

-'Water in Milan. A Cultural History of the Naviglio'. ASLE Biennial Conference, Bloomington, IN (June 21-26, 2011). 

-'Mi ricordo Alda Merini.' Testimonianze. Milano: Incisione Arte, 2010.

-'Alda Merini and Marilyn Monroe. Icone dell’amore perduto’ in Catalogo Mostra ’Marilyn Monroe e l’arte della bellezza’. Milano: Incisione Arte, 2010.

-'Acqua nella Milano di Daria Menicanti e di Alda Merini.' Chiasmi, Brown-Harvard Graduate Student Conference in Italian Studies (March 12-13, 2010).

-‘Alda Merini and Marilyn Monroe. Icons of Lost Love.’ Mantis, 7, 2009: 40-67.

-Franca Pellegrini. La tempesta originale. La vita di Alda Merini in poesia. Book Review. Italica, 85 (2), 2009.

-‘Gender and Translation. From the Margins to Visibility.’ ‘Corruption’ - Stanford Graduate Student Conference Comparative Literature (April 4-5, 2008).

-The Other Truth. Diary of An Other. (A translation of Alda Merini’s L’altra verita`. Diario di una diversa) Milano: L’Incisione, 2007.

-‘An Italian Poet in the Madhouse: The Life and Works of Alda Merini.’ AAIS-AATI Convention in Genova, Italy (May 25-28, 2006).


-ITALLANG 1, 2, 3, 23, 5A, 2A - Language Instructor.

-ITALLIT 127 (Inventing Italian Literature: Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca), ITALLIT 128 (The Italian Renaissance and the Path to Modernity), ITALLIT 129 (Modern Italian History and Literature) - Teaching Assistant.

-ITALLIT 142 (Literature and the City) - Instructor.