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Svitlana Khutka


Svitlana Khutka

Svitlana Khutka, Ph.D., is appointed at Stanford University as Visiting Scholar (2016-2017, DLCL), earlier - Visiting Professor (2015; via the CREEES: graduate course on democratic transitions in Ukraine), Fulbright Visiting Scholar (2015: Governance Quality, Democracy, Values in Transition Countries and Ukraine). Being at the Stanford University, she pursues a research project on civic political apathy vs. protest engagement in association with governance quality and democracy in post-socialist societies (academic supervisor: Prof. Dr. Norman Naimark), which was focused on Ukraine in comparison with Slovenia, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria); studies different aspects of social impact for democratic development and civic engagement; studies specific contextual dimensions of identity changes in Ukraine as post-conflict society (working with Dr. Yulia Ilchuck). The Stanford University provided an unique opportunity to get an expertise on the all mentioned subjects. Was teaching at the CREEES course for graduate students “Democratic Transition in Ukraine: Values, Political Culture, Conflicts”, tackling particularly debates on corruption, protest activity, governance, and Russian-Ukrainian military conflict.

In 2013-2014 in Ukraine Dr. Khutka as an invited academic commentator on Maidan and the Ukrainian-Russian crisis was featured live on many national-level channels and at some international media (i.e., NY Times, New Republic), discussing dynamics of the protests, shifts in public opinion about EU-integration and NATO, reciprocal attitudes of Russian and Ukrainian citizens to each other, Russian public opinion about events in Ukraine.

Nationally recognized expert on political culture and social changes, for her studies of social inequality and protest activity in Ukraine and Eastern Europe Khutka received the 2010 Natalia Panina Great Silver Medal as the Best Junior Sociologist of Ukraine and 2012-2013 Silver Award in International contest as the Best Junior Sociologist of a Year which the Institute of Sociology of National Academy of Science of Ukraine gives annually as the most prestigious national award to the scholar under the age of 35 who has achieved the greatest excellence and public impact via professional research of social issues. In 2015 she won Ukrainian National Science Slam with research on happiness and protest readiness. LCSR of HSE ranked her among the top CIS sociologists in 2011 in recognition of outstanding proposal for reseach of gender dimensions of human agency and subjective well-being in transition countries. Dr. Khutka received awards and nominations in a variety of categories (i.e. in 2012 was Nominated by Scientific Council of National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” for the President of Ukraine award) for research and public volunteer work.

Dr. Khutka has presented her research all over the world as invited guest lecturer, at various academic conferences, expert workshops and international organizations, including Oxford University, Harvard University, Stanford University, UC-Berkeley, Ukrainian Institute of London, Chicago University, Glasgow University, Bielefeld University, University of Regensburg, Higher School of Economics, University of Washington, and elsewhere. Co-authored (with Dmytro Khutkyy, Ph.D.) book “National Identity Self-perception of Population of Ukraine” (published in 2014). Dr. Khutka has a pool of articles on subjective well-being, social stratification, values, determinants of protest activity in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, and co-authored a book on modeling and forecasting of social processes with known Ukrainian sociologist Volodymyr Paniotto. Variety of done research and certification programs formed a constitutional foundation of diverse teaching portfolio of university courses she has been teaching for last decade (with focus on dynamics of vision of social changes in history of social thought, sociology of personality, and pioneering archival studies of Ukrainian Sociology in Exile which have not been studies earlier).

In 2016 Dr. Khutka have initiated and now is developing (pro bono) Strategic Program "Democracy. Development. Education" with of Ukrainian American Coordinating Council of California. This program includes three projects: UAStrategy – Social Ventures Hub, no equity and not-for-profit accelerating platform for social impact projects; U.Work: co-working within public spaces of the Ukrainian community churches of San Francisco; Ukrainian Interdisciplinary Studies Endowment to establish the Center of Interdisciplinary Ukrainian Studies at top world known university of the U.S. West Coast as center for economic, business and public policy discussions. Board Member of Global Ukraine; co-founder, leader and member of several non-profit projects and initiatives in Ukraine (1999-2012).

Dr. Khutka received an M.A. (Cum Laude) in social science from the University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and PhD in social science from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Graduate of the first cohort of Harvard Negotiation Project Program of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (2011); guest attendant of Graduate Stanford Business School (2015-2016); Board Member of Global Ukraine; co-founder and leader of several non-profit projects in Ukraine; Associate Researcher of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research (Higher School of Economics) under the guidance of Ronald Inglehart, Associate Professor of Sociology of National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (2004 – 2015, Ukraine), expert of Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, a member of Sociological Association of Ukraine, American Sociological Association, Association of Ukrainians of the Washington State.