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Tania Arabelle Flores


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Critical Flamenco Studies
Transatlantic Literature

Tania Arabelle Flores

Tania Arabelle Flores (she/ella/ela) is a third-year PhD candidate in the department of Iberian and Latin American Cultures at Stanford University. Her research examines questions of race, gender, nation, and empire in Iberian, Latin American, and U.S. Latinx cultural production from the nineteenth century to the present, with a focus on literature engaged in transatlantic, trans-Mediterranean, and trans-American crossings. She specializes in the racial politics of flamenco historiography, the literature of flamenco, (al-)Andalusian and colonial literary imaginaries, and the circulation and production of Black internationalist thought within Iberian and Latinx literatures. Broadly, her interests include transatlantic and Mediterranean studies, women-of-color feminisms, critical race studies, and postcolonial studies. As a scholar, she is committed to helping to plant the seeds of critical flamenco studies, continuing the work of those decolonizing Iberian studies, and supporting and uplifting the development of critical reggaeton studies. As a teacher, she strives to practice decolonial pedagogy centered on learning as a joyful experience.
Prior to beginning her PhD, Tania worked as a Program Manager at the Dr. Beatriz María Solís Policy Institute (formerly known as the Women's Policy Institute), the flagship program of the Women's Foundation California.
Tania is a 2021-22 Graduate Scholar-in-Residence at El Centro Chicano y Latino and a 2014-15 recipient of a Fulbright Research Grant (Granada, Spain). She is currently the Graduate Coordinator of Scholarship and Activism for Justice and a member of Stanford's Postcolonial Spatialities workshop.


B.A. in Critical Theory & Social Justice and English & Comparative Literary Studies, Occidental College (2013)

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Teaching Experience:
Winter 2022: The Laboring of Diaspora and Border Literary Cultures (co-teaching with Professor José David Saldívar)
Fall 2021: SPANLANG 11C (second-year Spanish, first quarter, cultural emphasis)
Summer 2021 (Stanford Summer Humanities Institute): Magical Realism: 100 Years of Solitude
Spring 2021: SPANLANG 3 (first-year Spanish, third quarter)
Winter 2021: SPANLANG 2 (first-year Spanish, second quarter)
Fall 2020: SPANLANG 1 (first-year Spanish, first quarter)
English (superior)
Spanish (superior)
Portuguese (advanced)
Catalan (intermediate)
Arabic (beginner)