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Taz George


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Taz George

Undergraduate Major in Italian

Entering Stanford as a freshman felt like the beginning of a long, gradual journey. As a graduating senior, looking back on the past four years of my life makes my experience here seem more like a sprint. It is difficult for me to convey the number of incredible and diverse people I’ve met here, the amazing places this university has taken me, and the opportunities for intellectual and personal growth I’ve had the privilege of receiving. Academically and intellectually, I have greatly benefitted from Stanford’s focus on interdisciplinary studies, and have explored my passions across multiple disciplines as a double major in Sociology and Italian. My studies in Sociology helped me realize my love for the social research process, and led me to complete an Honors thesis entitled “Conceptualizing Homophobia: Perceived Gender Deviance and Attitudes towards Gay Couples.”

While my interest in Italian began mostly as a fun way to complete my undergraduate foreign language require- ment and qualify to spend a quarter overseas, I realized during my quarter at Stanford in Florence that I had a passion for Italian culture and history that merited further pursuit. Since my return to campus, I have most enjoyed studying Italian cinema with Sarah Carey, the Italian Renaissance with Carolyn Springer, modern literature with Laura Wittman and Katia Pansa, and Dante with Beth Coggeshall. In addition to these wonderful teachers, I thank Anna Cellinese and Alessandra McCarty, my first two Italian language instructors at Stanford, for introducing me to a subject that I have become so passionate about.

It is not easy to leave a place that I love and have grown to call my home, but I am very excited for what is next for me. Starting in July, I will be working at The Urban Institute in Washington, D.C. as a Research Assistant in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center. Given my career aspirations in public policy and my fascination with American politics, I am looking forward to working in our nation’s capitol. Furthermore, after four years living far away from my family and hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, I cannot wait to return to my roots and live closer to the most important people in my life.