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William Leidy



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20th century Polish prose
Russian realism
literature and society
literary criticism
20th century literature
19th century literature

William Leidy

Ph.D. Slavic Languages and Literatures, minor in Comparative Literature

Teaching Fellow, Introduction to the Humanities Program

Dissertation Title: Scandal and Literature: Dostoevsky's Polemics and Gombrowicz's Provocations

M.A. Thesis Title: Dostoevsky's Underground Type in The Double and Notes from Underground


Conference Papers:

  • Dostoevsky on Glasnost': Early Hopes, Later Misgivings. California Slavic Colloquium. (University of California, San Diego, April 2012)
  • The Proliferation of Scandal in Dostoevsky's The Idiot: New Media and Old-Fashioned Gossip. AATSEEL National Conference. (Seattle, WA, January 2012)
  • The Scandal of Gombrowicz. AATSEEL National Conference (Pasadena, CA, January 2011)
  • The New Soviet Way of Life--Ideals and Implementation: An Analysis of Changing Soviet Society Through Tret'iakov's I Want a Child! and Erdman's The Suicide. California Slavic Colloquium. (University of California, Berkeley, April 2009)
  • Gombrowicz and Form in Ferdydurke. California Slavic Colloquium. (Stanford University, April 2007)
  • Mandelstam's "Peterburgskie Strofy" and Baudelaire's "Correspondances." California Slavic Colloquium. (University of Southern California, April 2006)

Selected Awards: Stanford Humanities Center Geballe Dissertation Prize Fellowship (2010-2011)

Teaching Experience:

  • Winter-Spring 2012. Teaching fellow for "Poetic Justice: Order and Imagination in Russian Culture."
  • Spring 2009. Teaching assistant for “Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and the Social Thought of His Times.” Professor: Gregory Freidin.
  • Winter 2009. Teaching assistant for "Dostoevsky and His Times." Professor: Joseph Frank.
  • 2007-2008. Teacher of two separate sections of First-Year Russian.

Languages: English, Russian, Polish, French (reading), Old Church Slavonic (reading)

Related Field (Ph.D. Minor): Comparative Literature