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Yulia Valieva


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Yulia Valieva

Visiting Scholar in Slavic Languages and Literatures, 2011-12

Won Andrey Bely special award (2001) for her books:

2011 - Faces of Saint-Petersburg Poetry: 1950-1990. Autobiographies. Poetical reading.

2009 - Twilight of the "Saigon" / Sumerki "Saigona".

2006 - The Time and the Word. Literature Circle of Leningrad Pioneers' Palace.

The project «Saint-Petersburg Poetry of 1950-1990 in American archives» is aimed at gaining and studying materials from American archives connected with Russian poets of the listed period, that is samizdat and foreign editions of 1950–1990, the materials of personal archives, which are essential to the multi-media encyclopedia of Saint-Petersburg Poetry. It covers not only the residents of Saint-Petersburg, but also Petersburg poets, who live abroad now or spent a part of his life abroard. Special attention is paid to the poets, who belonged to the unofficial culture and whose first publications were in samizdat and/or abroad and poets of Russian emigration.