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German Studies Major & Minor Requirements

German Studies Requirements


60 units minimum
All courses must be taken for a letter grade, unless only offered for faculty-elected S/NC (no more than 10 units),
and may not be used towards any other major or minor.
Substitutes to these courses are acceptable with approval of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.
Majors must demonstrate basic language skills, either by completing GERLANG 1,2,3, First-Year German,
or the equivalent such as an appropriate course of study at the Stanford in Berlin Center.
1. Writing in the Major (WIM)
Take one WIM course.
GERMAN 116: Writing About Germany: New Topics, New Genres (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
GERMAN 150: Masterpieces: Kafka (Winter)
2. Completion of 3 GERMAN Courses at 120-level
The courses offered at this level change each year. These are the offerings for 2017-2018. 
Students are required to take all (or approved substitutes):
GERMAN 120A: Berlin - Literature, History, and Politics in the 20th and 21st Centuries (Autumn)
GERMAN 120B: Fairy Tales (Winter)
GERMAN 120C: German in Public: Popular Music in Germany and Austria from 1945 to the Present( Spring)
3. Completion of German Studies Core Series
Students are required to take all (or approved substitutes):
GERMAN 131: What is German Literature? (Winter)
GERMAN 132: Dynasties, Dictators and Democrats: History and Politics in Germany (Spring)
GERMAN 133: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud (Autumn)
4. Senior Capstone Project
German Capstone Project: GERMAN 191 (Spring)
5. Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)
Students must take the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) two quarters prior to degree conferral. 
Contact the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer to begin the process.
6. Electives
The following may count, once approved in consultation with the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.
• All courses taken at the Berlin Overseas campus.
• Structured Liberal Education (SLE) or Thinking Matters courses.
• Courses from other fields may count if they contribute to the student's language skills, 
the ability to interpret literature and other cultural material, or the capacity to analyze societies.


6 courses minimum: 24 units or beyond
All courses must be taken for a letter grade, except where letter grades are not offered.
Units may not be counted towards any other major or minor. Alternatives to these 
courses are acceptable with approval of the Chair of Undergraduate Studies.
The minor requires at least six courses (24 units minimum). 
• 15 units must be taken in the department of German Studies or otherwise 
with faculty members from German Studies. 
• GERLANG 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3 may count.
• All courses taken at BOSP in Berlin for 3 units or more are pre-approved.
• Students may use 5 units from SLE and/or a Thinking Matters course taught 
by a German Studies faculty member towards their electives for the minor. 
• A maximum of 5 units of transfer credit may be applied with the approval of 
the Chair of Undergraduate Studies. 
Bing Overseas Studies 
OSPBER: Berlin
Autumn Quarter
101A: Contemporary Theater
115X: The German Economy: Past and Present
126X: A People’s Union? Money, Markets and Identity in the EU
Winter Quarter
17: Split Images: A Century of Cinema
66: Theory from the Bleachers
70: The Long Way to the West
161X: The German Economy in the Age of Globilization
Spring Quarter
101A: Contemporary Theater
174: Sports, Culture, and Gender in Comparative Perspective
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Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Professor Russell Berman (Aut)
Building 260, Room 201
Professor Matthew Smith (Win-Spr)
Building 260, Room 204

Denise Winters
Undergraduate Student Services
450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 260
Pigott Hall, Rm. 128
Stanford, CA 94305-2005

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