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Russian Studies Major & Minor Requirements

Russian Studies Requirements

56 units minimum
All courses must be taken for a letter grade and may not be used towards any other major or minor. 
Only grades of ‘C’ and above may count towards the major.
Prerequisite: All Slavic majors are required to have completed first-year Russian, or equivalent, as determined by the Language Center placement exam.
1. Russian Language Courses (3 courses, 12 units minimum)
SLAVLANG 111 – 113: Third-Year Russian Language
SLAVLANG 177 – 179: Fourth-Year Russian Language
SLAVLANG 181 – 183: Fifth-Year Russian Language
2. 19th-Century Russian Literature and History Courses (8 units minimum)
146 fulfills the WIM requirement - take for 5 or more units
At least one course from SLAVIC and one course from HISTORY*
• SLAVIC 145: Survey of Russian Literature (Autumn) 
or  SLAVIC 146: The Great Russian Novel (Winter) (WIM)
•A pre-revolutionary Russian history course.
 * Consult the Chair of Undergraduate Studies to identify appropriate history courses. 
 3. 20th-Century Russian Literature and History Courses (8 units minimum)
At least one course from SLAVIC and one course from HISTORY
• SLAVIC 147: Modern Russian Literature and Culture (Spring)
4. Electives (32 units minimum)
These courses are chosen in consultation with the department's Chair of Undergraduate Studies. 
With department consent, work in related academic fields may be applied toward the degree requirements.
Students who who have completed a Thinking Matters or PWR course instructed by Slavic faculty, with a grade of 'B' of better may count up to 5 units towards electrive courses required for the major.
Students who have completed the SLE sequence may count up to 10 units
5. Capstone (5 units recommended)
Students must designate a 300-level course taken in their junior or senior year as a capstone course. 
Before graduation, skills in writing, textual analysis, and discussion will be evaluated by 
the Chair of Undergraduate Studies based on work submitted for the capstone course.
6. Language Assessment
All Slavic Languages and Literature majors must complete the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) 
two quarters prior to graduation. Contact the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer.


Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Professor Nariman Skakov
Building 240, Room 107

Denise Winters
Undergraduate Student Services
450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 260
Pigott Hall, Rm. 128
Stanford, CA 94305-2005
(650) 723 1967


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