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Translation Studies Major & Minor Requirements

Translation Studies Requirements


6 courses of 3 units or more, 23 units minimum
All course must be taken for a letter grade.
Coursework in this minor may not duplicate work counted towards other majors or minors.
Only grades of ‘C’ and above may count towards the minor.
BOSP and transfer units may be considered in consultation with the minor adviser. 

1. Prerequisite
Complete or test out of a first-year course in the language of interest.
2. Core course (4 units)
At least 4 units in a Translation Studies core course:
ENGLISH/DLCL 293: Literary Translation (Spring)
COMPLIT 142B: Translating Japan, Translating the West (Winter)
3. Language study (8 units)
At least 8 units, second year or beyond (not including conversation/oral communication) 
and/or relevant literature courses taught in the target language. 
4. Literature study (7 units)
At least 7 units in relevant literature courses at the 100-level or above, taught in 
a DLCL department, East Asian Languages and Cultures, or Classics, and determined
in consultation with the minor adviser. For students interested in translation from 
English into another language, appropriate literature courses in the English department 
may be substituted.
5. Electives (4 units)
At least 4 units in a creative writing course, or a course that foregrounds translation in
departments such as Anthropology, any DLCL department, English, East Asian 
Languages and Cultures, Classics, Linguistics (e.g., LINGUIST 130A), or Computer 
Science (e.g., CS 124), determined in consultation with the minor adviser.
6. Final project 
Students must also complete a capstone project: a significant translation and/or 
translation studies project (e.g. 20 pages of prose, 10 poems, or similar appropriate
amount to be determined in consultation with the minor adviser). This work may be 
carried out under the supervision of an instructor in a required course or as an 
independent study.


Minor Adviser
Dr. Cintia Santana
Building 260, Room 105

Denise Winters
Undergraduate Student Services
450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 260
Pigott Hall, Rm. 128
Stanford, CA 94305-2005