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Publications.Faculty Publications

Title Author Publisher Year
Underwater Optics as Symbolic Form Margaret Cohen French Politics, Culture & Society 2014
Varlam Shalamov Yuliya Ilchuk Literary Criticism, volume Short Story Criticism 2014
“Has Marine Le Pen Already Won the Battle for the Soul of France?” Cécile Alduy The Nation 2014
“How a Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Party Became France’s ‘New Normal’ Cécile Alduy The Nation 2014
“How The National Front Is Systematically Winning Over the French Electorate.” Cécile Alduy The Nation 2014
“How Truffaut Became Truffaut: From Petty Thief to Auteur” Cécile Alduy Open Culture 2014
“Sarkozy’s pain is the National Front’s gain.” Cécile Alduy Al Jazeera America 2014
A Courtier’s Mirror: Cultivating Elite Identity in Thomasin von Zerclaere's Welscher Gast Kathryn Starkey University of Notre Dame Press 2013
After 1945 - Latency as Origin of the Present Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht Stanford University Press 2013
Arabology: Top 30 Alternative/Indie Arabic Songs of 2013 Ramzi Salti 2013
Conditional Goods and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: How Literature (as a Whole) could Matter Again Joshua Landy SubStance 2013
Deconstructing the Empire, Mapping the Identity: Post-Soviet Russian and Ukrainian Literary Travelogue (on the Material of Victor Erofeev’s and Yurii Andrukhovych’s Texts) Yuliya Ilchuk Skhid-Zakhid: Istoryko-kul’turologichnyi zbirnyk, Issue 16. Spetsial’ne vydannia “Neo-Anti-Colonialism vs. Neo-Imperialism: Relevance of Postcolonialism in Post-Soviet Space.” 2013