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Publications.Faculty Publications

Title Author Publisher Year
Onetti. Selección, cronología y preparación Jorge Ruffinelli Biblioteca de Marcha 1973
Spenser and literary pictorialism John Bender Princeton University Press 1972
La búsqueda de lo absoluto Jorge Ruffinelli DOE 1971
The literary context of Chaucer's fabliaux Ted Andersson Bobbs-Merrill 1971
Cuentos completos Jorge Ruffinelli Editorial Universitaria 1970
Die Rückkehr aus Italien: Goethes Notizheft 1788. Return from Italy: Goethe's Notebook 1788. Kurt Müller-Vollmer Gvido Press 1970
Introduction to Carolingian literature Ted Andersson Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures Harvard University 1970
Studienausgabe in 3 Bänden. Kurt Müller-Vollmer Fischer-Bücherei 1970
Antología poética Jorge Ruffinelli Enciclopedia Uruguaya 1969
La poesía femenina Jorge Ruffinelli Enciclopedia Uruguaya 1969
Hermès Michel Serres Éditions de Minuit 1968
L'oeuvre de Jean Prévost. University of California Press 1968