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Publications.Faculty Publications

Title Author Publisher Year
“How The National Front Is Systematically Winning Over the French Electorate.” Cécile Alduy The Nation 2014
“How Truffaut Became Truffaut: From Petty Thief to Auteur” Cécile Alduy Open Culture 2014
“Sarkozy’s pain is the National Front’s gain.” Cécile Alduy Al Jazeera America 2014
A Courtier’s Mirror: Cultivating Elite Identity in Thomasin von Zerclaere's Welscher Gast Kathryn Starkey University of Notre Dame Press 2013
After 1945 - Latency as Origin of the Present Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht Stanford University Press 2013
Arabology: Top 30 Alternative/Indie Arabic Songs of 2013 Ramzi Salti 2013
Conditional Goods and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: How Literature (as a Whole) could Matter Again Joshua Landy SubStance 2013
Deconstructing the Empire, Mapping the Identity: Post-Soviet Russian and Ukrainian Literary Travelogue (on the Material of Victor Erofeev’s and Yurii Andrukhovych’s Texts) Yuliya Ilchuk Skhid-Zakhid: Istoryko-kul’turologichnyi zbirnyk, Issue 16. Spetsial’ne vydannia “Neo-Anti-Colonialism vs. Neo-Imperialism: Relevance of Postcolonialism in Post-Soviet Space.” 2013
Dreams of Waking: An Anthology of Iberian Lyric Poetry (1400-1700) Vincent Barletta, Mark L. Bajus, Cici Malik University of Chicago Press 2013
Five Words: Critical Semantics in the Age of Shakespeare and Cervantes Roland Greene University of Chicago Press 2013
Forth and Back: Translation, Dirty Realism, and the Spanish Novel (1975-1995) Cintia Santana Bucknell University Press 2013
Futurity: Contemporary Literature and the Quest for the Past Amir Eshel The University of Chicago Press 2013