New Flamencologías

Inactive Research Group

New Flamencologías: A Research Group on Critical Flamenco Studies is an interdisciplinary cultural studies workshop dedicated to contributing to the emerging field of what we, the coordinators of New Flamencologías, refer to as critical flamenco studies. In recent years, flamencología has seen important contributions by scholars who have interrogated long-held assumptions within the field and developed methodologies rooted in ethnomusicology, performance studies, critical dance studies, cultural studies, queer and feminist studies, postcolonial studies, and critical race studies. Our aim is to examine flamenco’s legacy as a multiethnic and politically contested art form by uplifting these unorthodox and innovative approaches to flamenco scholarship.


We endeavor to support the continued flourishing of multi-modal, interdisciplinary academic study at Stanford, build bridges between the DLCL and departments such as Theater and Performance Studies, establish Stanford as a leader in the field of critical flamenco studies, and build community for undergraduate and graduate students interested in music, dance, literature, film, and history as it pertains to the Hispanophone world.


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