The Workshop on Literature and Theory in India seeks to develop a space on campus to bring together the members of Stanford’s scholarly community who would like to share their study of Indian literature and philosophy (currently spread across the DLCL, East Asian Studies, Linguistics, Religious Studies, TAPS and History). We also invite distinguished scholars from California and elsewhere to Stanford to inspire additional interest, alongside presentations of works-in-progress by graduate students. As such, we especially welcome scholars and students who do not specialize in India but would like to become acquainted with its rich traditions of thought to participate in the workshop.
In summer 2020, the Workshop ran a language learning program called the Koshur Fellowship. This was an online curriculum to teach Kashmiri to 20 children and 20 adults from around the world as part of this program to rehabilitate the Kashmiri language. The Fellowship received 600+ applications from around the world last year and we hope to continue supporting the program next year.
For a short video with testimonials from the Koshur Fellowship 2020, click here:

For a short film made by students in the Autumn of 2020, click here:


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