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CS+X Joint Majors offered through the DLCL:
Each of the joint major programs leads to conferral of: 
B.A.S. (Bachelor of Arts and Sciences).
This program is targeted towards undergraduate students, particularly
sophomores and juniors who have already made progress on one major
and are interested in another subject.
A joint major is distinct from a double major: each participating 
department offers a reduced course load for students completing a JMP.
See the JMP requirements specific to each department, as the total 
number of units may differ from major to major.
Wondering if a CS+X joint major is right for you?
You have plenty of time to explore what Stanford has to offer. Start taking 
introductory courses in departments of interest, and think about what 
major program would be best for you. If you are interested in a JMP, it is 
recommended that you contact both Professor Surwillo (
and the Computer Science adviser to start an academic plan.
You have made progress on your GERs and have begun exploring
options for majors. You still have enough time to start!
It is recommended that students explore a JMP as an option early in 
their sophomore year to leave time for the additional planning required 
to integrate the two majors. All Stanford undergraduates are expected to 
declare a major by the end of sophomore year.
By now, you have declared a major and begun progress on the 
requirements. If you have completed enough of the required courses for 
your current major, you may have time to start another. You may also be 
able to turn a double major or a major/minor program into a JMP. 
For example, a CS major with interest in a minor in one of the DLCL 
departments should consider a JMP. 
Please contact both departments to determine if a JMP is an option for you.
You are near the end of your undergraduate career. Congratulations!
In most cases, it may be difficult to start now. However, some students 
may be able to take some remaining courses to complete the requirements 
and graduate with a B.A.S. degree. Please contact both departments as 
soon as possible to determine if you have enough time to complete the 
units required for a joint major.



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