Study Abroad

The DLCL actively collaborates with the Bing Overseas Studies Program. Studying abroad is often one of the highlights of an undergraduate education at Stanford, especially when carefully sequenced with preparatory work before travel and reflective study upon returning. To make the most of your time away, consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the major or minor of your preference as early as your frosh year. A significant portion of your coursework at BOSP can feed into DLCL programs. Conversely, there are designated gateway courses at the DLCL that provide the confidence and context you need to deepen your intellectual experience in BOSP. 

Different DLCL departments are natural partners with different BOSP centers through the languages relevant for each. For instance, Santiago or Madrid are obvious choices to develop your Spanish; Berlin to cultivate your German; Paris your French, Florence your Italian, and so on. However, there are relevant offerings in the scholarly study of literature and culture across BOSP centers that can help you build a cohesive course of study in many subjects. There are also cognate internship opportunities to explore. Click here for a full list of study away venues through Stanford.