Alexei Grinbaum at Stanford in November 2022

Alexei Grinbaum will be teaching in Stanford Professor Jean-Pierre Dupuy’s class, FRENCH 367: Introduction to Apocalyptic Thinking, on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, and will be available on campus for discussions until November 5, 2022. Grinbaum is professor at Université Paris-Saclay and research director at CEA institute. He writes on the ethical and social aspects of emerging technologies, including nanotechnology, synthetic biology, gene editing, organoids, robotics, and artificial intelligence. His background is in quantum information theory. He has worked on quantum causality and axiomatic foundations of quantum mechanics.

Grinbaum is the chair of the CEA Operational Ethics Committee for Digital Technologies and member of the French National Digital Ethics Committee (CNPEN). He contributes to several large EU research projects (observatoryNano, RRI-Practice, TechEthos, STARLIGHT, iRECS, MultiRATE) and serves as one of the central ethics experts to the European Commission. His books include "Mécanique des étreintes" (2014) and "Les robots et le mal" (2019). His next book, to appear in March 2023, is on the ethics of natural language processing and text generation systems. Recently, he has co-authored a European report on ethical issues of virtual and extended reality (including the metaverse), neurotechnologies, and climate engineering.

During his stay at Stanford, it will be possible to set up an appointment with him, either by emailing him directly at Alexei.Grinbaum [at] (Alexei[dot]Grinbaum[at]cea[dot]fr), or via Jean-Pierre Dupuy, at jpdupuy [at] (jpdupuy[at]stanford[dot]edu).