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Mariia Gorshkova



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digital humanities
Internet literature
contemporary Russian literature
Tatiana Tolstaia

Mariia Gorshkova


MA, Russian and Slavonic Studies, University of Missouri  August 2018

• Emphases: contemporary Russian prose, internet literature, digital humanities

• MA thesis: “Continuity and Change in Tatiana Tolstaya's Prose: From Print to Facebook”

MA, Sociolinguistics, European University, St. Petersburg, Russia 2016

• Emphases: linguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, adolescent speech, language of power

• MA thesis: “Pragmatics of swear words on the speech of adolescent Russians”

Exchange student, Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany Oct. 2012–Mar. 2013

BA, Theoretical and experimental linguistics, St. Petersburg University, Russia 2014

• Emphases: syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics

• BA thesis: “Subjects of nontypical ontological classes with Russian verbs belonging to the verbal and cogitative sphere and perception sphere”