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Renaissances at Stanford is an interdisciplinary working group serving the university's community of early modern scholars. Our members include fellows from the Stanford Humanities Center and faculty and graduate students from the English, Comparative Literature, History, Art History, Religion, and Classics departments, among others. Each year, we offer a range of events designed to build relationships among peers, mentors, and external institutions and scholars. Our purpose is to bring disparate fields, methodologies, languages, and geographies together to explore not just the Renaissance but Renaissances.

Renaissances' flagship program, founded in 2015 as the 'Graduate Research Series' and newly updated as 'Dissertation Duets,' pairs members with experts in their research areas. Each quarter, Renaissances invites an external scholar to campus to work with a dissertating graduate student. The collaborations culminate in roundtable discussions open to the Renaissances community. Students introduce pre-circulated dissertation chapters and engage with their expert interlocutors. Both speakers then field questions from the audience, moderated by Renaissances' graduate coordinators. Dissertation Duets offer professional development opportunities for both the advanced graduate students presenting and their junior peers. To participate in the 2022-2023 series, download and submit an application below.

In addition to Dissertation Duets, Renaissances coordinates up to three panels per year at the Renaissance Society of America conference. Look for us next spring in San Juan! Our on-campus offerings include hands-on workshops, film screenings, and reading groups. After a hiatus during the pandemic, we look forward to reconnecting with our community and welcoming new members. Consult our calendar for upcoming events. We look forward to seeing you!




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